PrinterShare Privacy Policy

At PrinterShare we take user privacy very seriously. By the nature of PrinterShare, in order to print the application needs to access various data elements on the device including images, contacts, web pages, emails, local files, calendar, call log and messages. This information is not shared with anyone and we have no interest in it ourselves. It stays on the device at all times (*) and then gets sent directly to the printer (**) in a special format ready for printout.

(*) When using Google Cloud Printing, such information is sent via Google Cloud to the receiving end, leaving PrinterShare application (and our control) once transmitted.

(**) When printing via computer, the information is directly sent to the user Mac or PC, and then to the printer. It never leaves the perimeters of user network.

PrinterShare requires wide range of permissions on the device in order to access the information to be printed. Below is the list of permissions with brief explanation why we require them and what they are user for:

To be able to print emails, Google Docs, configure Google Cloud printers:

To discover and manage connections to local printers

To print corresponding data elements and files from the device

To improve quality of the application and report problems. It’s also used for anonymous analytical data collection via industry-standard service.

If you have any questions or concerns about PrinterShare privacy, please feel free to contact us via email at