PrinterShare Commercial Solutions

PrinterShare is widely used by people around the world. The service is available for everyone who wants to use it. As you may know, the PrinterShare software that you install on your computer is not all there is. In addition, there's central PrinterShare service that we are running to make PrinterShare network function. This is what we call PrinterShare Public Service. It may work for you just fine, however if you run or represent a business entity or a group of users, no matter how big or small, you may be interested in our Commercial Solutions.

Bulk Subscription

If you are planning on using PrinterShare for 5 users of more, you may consider purchasing Bulk Subscription package. The package removes free version limitations and switches off advertisements for all the users included. The client software doesn't need to be re-installed or changed in any way. Next time your users login to PrinterShare network they will be automatically switched to subscriber mode, just like if they have paid subscription fee. The more licenses you buy, the more discount you get. Here's the pricing model for Bulk Subscription:

5 Users:$40 per month
10 Users:$75 per month
20 Users:$140 per month
21+ Users:Please contact us for special pricing

Your users will never be asked to enter billing information; however all the subscriber features will always be available for them as long as your Bulk Subscription is in the active status.

Dedicated Hosted Solution

Next step up would be to isolate your users from anyone else in the world. We can host and run dedicated PrinterShare server for you and your business, much like we do in the public domain. You will have separate list of users registered on the network. When searching for printers, the users will only see printers within your printing network. Printing streams and documents will flow through the physical server dedicated to you and never intermix with public domain printing data. Dedicated Hosted Solution is maintenance-free for you - we will run and maintain the server. Pricing for the Dedicated Hosted Solution is as follows:

1 - 100 Users:Setup fee: $295Monthly fee: $395
101 - 1000 Users:Setup fee: $295Monthly fee: $595
1001+ Users:Please contact us for special pricing

With dedicated solution your users would download software from your server, for instance running under, instead of the public one. You'll be able to maintain user list, switch on and off their access, reset password and do other basic administration functions. You could also upload the list of users in which case the users would not need to register individually. The dedicated server can be connected to your network(s) via VPN. We'll work with you to configure and maintain such connectivity (additional charges may apply).