Supported WiFi printers

The following printers are supported for Nearby (WiFi) Printing from mobile phones.

The list is for information purposes only. In some cases, even if printer is present in this list, it may not connect properly with PrinterShare.

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Print a test page before buying the application.

Printing a test page helps you to understand the process, and makes sure that PrinterShare will work correctly with your printer. If you can't print a test page from trial version, you will not be able to print directly from the paid version either.

What if my printer is not detected?

There are some very common-sense steps to troubleshoout this problem.

  1. Make sure WiFi is working, and your phone is connected to WiFi network.
  2. Make sure the printer is turned on and (if applicable) accessible from your computer.
  3. Try to turn the phone and the printer off and on again.

If printer is still not detected, this means PrinterShare can't work with it directly. However, there are other ways to use it. See Connecting to your printer for details.

Paying for the application will not help to detect your printer.
Free application detects printers in a same way as the paid one. If free application can't directly connect to your printer, paid one will not do it either.

We are aiming to provide direct support for more printers with new versions of the application. However, there's no guarantee that support for any given printer will be added any time soon.

Please do not expect us to implement support for any particular printer.
We are not responsible for the process of adding new drivers, and can't make a printer to get supported faster.